Metrolight Staffing Agency would like to thank our nurses for all their hard work during this challenging time. Your humility, compassion, and strength are much appreciated. Thank you for
Being our nation’s guiding light.


Classroom and Online Classes

Metrolight offers online healthcare classes and certification courses for health care providers who may need in-service hours to retain state certification. Call us today at 718-838-9550 to set up those classes.

Ongoing Training

Metrolight offers ongoing healthcare in services and training to help optimize employess performance and improve patient safety.


Metrolight Staffing provide an opportunity for our employees to give back to their communities

Volunteer Program:

Metrolight employees have impacted the community by volunteering at various organizations, including Friends of Crown Heights Center, Women Empowering Excellence, and Kingston Kingston Women Family Residential Shelter. Metrolight Staffing provides our employees with an opportunity to give back to their communities where they live and work.

Mentorship Program:

We provide a mentorship program that connects experienced nurses with student nurses to help advance their nursing careers

State licenses: State Licensing Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Following are links with information regarding State Boards for healthcare professionals.

Office of the Professions :