Metrolight Staffing Agency, LLC (MSA). Established in 2020 to respond to the nursing shortage due to the Global Pandemic. MSA settles for nothing less than excellent

Our Vision is to Become a Staffing Agency

A New York City-based healthcare staffing agency focused on Per diem, Direct Hire, and temp-Hire contract opportunities in the Metropolitan area.

Our mission is to hold a trust, healthy practice that’s committed to excellence, leading us to provide quality healthcare to all our diverse base clients seeking top talent. 

We establish trust-based relationships with our clients, and we help build careers for healthcare professionals. Metrolight Healthcare Staffing gives every job seeker detailed attention to their career preferences in the same method that we are dedicated to providing innovative staffing solutions tailored to each employer’s need. Our team is passionate about fostering a work environment that is highly respected and given every opportunity for our nurses to grow personally, professionally, and financially.

We Provide the Best Professionals Staff for Your Facility!

Our specialists are available 24/7 to coordinate staffing solutions for any facility at any event. Metrolight Staffing coordinators are specifically trained to focus on each facility’s appropriate needs, customizing an effective and beneficial plan.

We provide qualified nurses in all positions for the long and short term, all of whom have endured a thorough screening process. We offer exceptional performance around the clock client care so that any matters that issue are fixed immediately. To ensure our client’s total well-being, our staffing staff’s day-to-day is directly managed by our Director of Nursing – a fully credentialed Registered Nurse. We are proud to offer a level of clinical expertise unmatched anywhere else.